Sunday, February 26, 2012

I got the BLUE in me!-Part 2

So this is the sequence of my electric blue collection. This time around, its blue long cardigan, i paired it with with blouse, and skinny jeans. My Hijab is in blue with an added blue earrings as accessory

My Blue cardigan

Butterfly belt added.
With blue earring

View from side

The front view

Top View

I'm looking at whatever

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I got the BLUE in me!- Part 1

I am obsessed with shocking blue and tried a few outfit with it. It goes well and I love it :)

My blue multicolored long dress with the same shocking blue hijab. With few layers of scarves and an accessories added. Perfect for a date night.

The outfit

The unnecessary pose

view from the top

well, hello there!

View from front

view from side

And last but not least *drumroll* tadaaahhh!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bring in the Marmalade Ladies!

It was my first outing with Aiza. She IS whole lot of fun!!! It's the single ladies day!:) We wanted to go for threading, and ended up with best lunch @ Marmalade, Bangsar Village I and Aiza buying her first set of makeup, courtesy of cest moi! Well, i basically convinced her into buying it. I think.hahaha

Marmalade in action!eheh

Some healthy salad i chose. Delicious too :)

I'm guessing this to be Aglio Olio?eheh
The to die for appetizer- Nachos (we got greedy)
Lady Marmalade 1
Lady Marmalade 2 looking greedy
Lady Marmalade 1 before and after makeover.Glowing huh?
Oh yeah, girlfriend bracelet!:)

I've got it colored!

I was trying my new jumpsuit a few months back. A multicolored, mix with pastel colors hijab and scarves. On the outer part, I added green army military jacket to go with.  For my hijab, I tried it with few layer of scarves to match with my jump suit.

Look from side

Look from the other side. Tadaaa!!

Look from the top!

Annnndd walllah!

THe complete set :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trip to Kemaman

Last weekend, my friends and I went to Kemaman for a friend's engagement. It was a fun all girls trip and we managed to get Suite at Impiana Cherating at a very reasonable price . Apart from that, we spent our time checking out the town and tried the famous cafe, Hai Peng and tried another famous stuffed crab. Since I'm not much of a writer, so I'll just put photos, which is way more interesting
Disclaimer: We are cam whorers and vain beyond words. We are just girls, who wanna have fun
Si tunangan orang. Sangat cantik n sangat berseri :)
That's us, I like this pic!!
Our Hai Peng trip, a must visit place